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Once you become a Christian, what's next?

It's time for growth! At HUMC, we want to help you become a strong, confident and joy-filled disciple of Jesus Christ. We want to help you achieve greater obedience to Jesus, a deeper knowledge of God's Word and will, a heart for active service to God, and a desire and ability to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others.

How do you do that?

By taking our series of Core Classes! They will help you understand Christian faith and living. Like the bases on a ball diamond, you can move forward one base at a time.

First base - Class 101: Discover Christian Life as a United Methodist.

Second base - Class 201: Learn about Spiritual Maturity.

Third base - Class 301: Discover your Spiritual Gifts so that you can be fruitful and fulfilled in your service to Christ.

Home plate - Class 401: Discover more about sharing your faith by becoming a Contagious Christian.

These classes are for Adults and are available on a regular basis each year. If you would like to be notified regarding this year's schedule, please use the contact us feature above.

As your faith grows, you can grow as a disciple.

Week @ A Glance
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