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United Methodists Are A Global Church...

United Methodist Congregations are connected to churches all over the world.

A Diverse Community...

All persons are welcomed into the United Methodist Church.  We celebrate a diversity of people, ideas, and cultures.

Biblical in Faith...

Our faith is guided by Scripture, traditions, reason, and experience.  Scripture is of paramount importance in our guidance.

Mission Oriented, Socially Conscious...

We are aware of world events and strive to help those in need.


For generations, United Methodists have cooperated with other churches to spread the gospel, care for those in need, alleviate injustice and foster peace.  In national and interfaith groups, United Methodists reach beyond our own churches and our own communities to express concern and to share God's love with people of many faiths.


For more than 200 years, the United Methodist Church has expressed concern for the worker, the sick, the poor, the orphaned, the aging, the impaired, the oppressed, and the imprisoned.

Our church participates in the struggles of women, people with physical and mental impairments, and racial and ethnic minority persons, helping them attain equality in the church, the economy, and society.

United Methodists positively influence society through responsible social action.


United Methodism took form as an organized church in this country during the revolutionary period of our history.  Its structures parallel those of the United States government.  Church leadership is shared by executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  Representative bodies carry out church functions at local, regional, and church-wide levels.


The United Methodist Church continues its strong evangelical heritage.  We believe each congregation should be a vital center of biblical study and evangelism - a blending of personal piety and discipleship.

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